About my work

Like many artists, I’ve been drawing and painting since I was quite young.  My love affair with watercolors began as a pastime, which continued while still committed to marriage, raising two beautiful daughters, and teaching art for over 20 years. 

For me, watercolors emulates my personality; that’s why I love the medium so much. It is about controlling spontaneity and fluidity without stifling the subject or the spirit of the subject. Making a watercolor is much like stir-fried cooking: You need to do a lot of prep-work and then combine the ingredients, quickly, but with decisive, adaptable and directed intentions.

 Painting watercolors started as a flirtatious affair, but is working into a more full-time commitment.  As I continue, I see my work evolving as “visual poetry”, or the mystical infusion of connections between the physical form of the subject and the spiritual undertones that are conveyed.  

Enjoy the work! And, lend me your comments!